Bhs Inggris Bagian 4 UAN 2000

Bagian 4 UAN 2000

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JAKARTA - When the government announced
the liquidation of 16 banks last Saturday, many people
are surprised as they did not expect their bank to be on
the list. Others were still trying to come to terms with
the fact that they had lost their jobs.

"I heard .on the radio that 16 banks were
liquidated, that's why I came there, to check whether I
could still withdraw may money," said Prapto, who
claimed to have a deposit hi one of the liquidated banks
on Jl, Thamrin. But he said he couldn't get it as it was
Saturday and most banks do not open then.

The headquarters of some of the liquidated banks,
such as Bank Pacific and Bank Industry look calm,
with only a few people coming and going Several
people called the 'Observer' last Saturday afternoon to
find out which banks had been liquidated.

I Nyoman Moena, a noted banking analyst told
the 'Observer' it is a normal reaction for people to panic
when hearing such things, but, he said, the government
must certainly have anticipated the situation. "I think
the monetary authority must have been prepared this
time, after the announcement of the liquidation of Bank
Summa in 1992," Moena said referring to the guarantee
by the government to pas depositors in two weeks on
November, 13, 1977 and the naming of-the will handle
the pay outs.

When announcing the liquidations last Saturday,
Bank Indonesia assured depositors they would get their
money back. Those who had less than Rp 20 million
would t get all their money on November 13, while
those who had over Rp 20 million would get up to Rp
20 million in the first stage with the remainder being
paid later.

The President Director of Bank IFI Harry
Rachmadi said yesterday that the liquidation of sixteen
banks would certainly have an impact in the
community, as some people may lose their jobs; To
minimize the impact of the liquidations, it is important
to accelerate the process. Rachmadi said that the
decision could also be a 'sock therapy for Indonesian
banks. "Bank owners can no longer, do as they want
when operating their own banks," he said. He also said
that some members of the public should have
anticipated this, as the press had earlier reported the
likely liquidation of some ailing banks following the
currency turmoil that hit the country in July this year.

  1. The article is about ...
  2. liquidation of 16 banks . a shock therapy for banks people's reaction about liquidated banks the loss of money deposited in the liquidated banks the impact of liquidated bank on the employees
  3. The main idea of paragraph 4 is ...
  4. some banks are assigned to handle the pay outs the governments has anticipated the people's reaction the government guarantees to pay depositors by certain banks Bank Summa was liquidated in 1992 I Nyoman Moena is a noted banking analyst
  5. Which of the following statements is TRUE, according to the text?
  6. The headquarters of the liquidated banks were crowded with people. Bank summa was one of the banks liquidated last Saturday. The liquidated could he a shock therapy for Indonesian banks. Harry Rachmadi said that there will be no impact of liquidation in the community. The liquidated said that do not guarantee that the depositors can get back their deposits.
  7. The pay out will be given to depositors in stages. This idea is stated in paragraph ...
  8. 1 3 4 5 6
  9. "..., that's why I came here to check whether I could still with draw may money, ..." (paragraph 2). The underlined word means ...
  10. takeout make known giveaway put back make certain
  11. Rita : The Kasepuhans, a community living in and around the Gunung Halimun national park still practice a traditional way of planting rice. Kity : For example? Rita : They only grow local rice varieties, only plant once a year, and reject the use of pesticide. 'reject' means ...
  12. deny omit refuse prevent ignore
  13. Tourist : Would you tell us where we can get handicraft for souvenirs? Guide : Well, let's go to Pucang; it is very popular with its handicraft. Almost all the people there make their living by ... things from the horns of buffaloes or cows.
  14. making taking drawing painting cutting
  15. Mother : When the price of petrol rises, the price of all basic commodities follows to rise. It always happens like this. Father : ... that our income will be sufficient if there is no increase in our salary.
  16. I am sure It's certain I am pleased It's possible I doubt
  17. X : Although this is the best cinema in town, there are not many people visiting it. Y : ..., nowadays most people prefer spending their time at home watching TV.
  18. Oh, no I don't think so Really? That's right It's not true
  19. X : Has she already got some medicine? Y : If she had visited the doctor, she would have been given medicine. From the dialogue above we know that ...
  20. the doctor visited her and gave her medicine she visited the doctor, so she was given medicine she didn't visit the doctor, so she wasn't given medicine although she didn't visit the doctor, she was give medicine she didn't visit the doctor because the doctor had already given her medicine
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