Bhs Inggris Bagian 3 UAN 2000

Bagian 3 UAN 2000

Wacana 3 untuk-soal nomor 5 sampai dengan
nomor 8.
Nobody likes paying taxes. Even those who know
that taxation is necessary and just are reluctant to pay
taxes. It is not pleasant to see part of your monthly
income taken away from you in income tax. Ignorant
people think this is an injustice and make a grievance
of it; so it is just as well that we should know why we
are taxed, so that we can see the fairness of the system.
Every country must have a government of some
sot. or life would be impossible. The primary duties of
a government are to ‘protect the life an property of the
citizens, to maintain law and order and settle dispute
between citizens in a just and orderly way through the
law-courts, to defend the country from foreign foes,
and to maintain the roads and highways. Besides, may
governments maintain and direct public duties need
money: an army and navy have to. be kept up, the
police force and the judges have to be paid, schools
have to be provided and teachers supported, expert
health-officers and sanitary engineers have to be
employed. Now where is all the money needed for the
public service to come from? The question in answered
by another. For whose benefit are all these service
maintained? The answer is, for the benefits of the
public. It is the people as a whole, rich and poor, that
benefit by security of live and property, by the sound
administration of justice, by the maintenance of roads,
by the public hospital, public schools, and good
sanitation. Therefore it is only right that the public, the
individual citizens of the country should contribute the
money needed; for the money the give comes back to
them in the shape of these public benefits which all
So long, therefore, as we have a good and
efficient government, so long as our money, is being
used in the right way, and so long as the burden of
taxation is distributed fairly, as different classes can
bear it, we have no right to grumble at having to pay
our share of the taxes. ?

  1. Ruri : Do you know my cousin Bob? Ari : Sure, I haven't heard about him for a long time. Ruri : He will get married next Sunday ...
    Ari : No, I'm not.
  2. Can I see you at the wedding part? Will you be attending his party? Do you feel like, going to his party? Are you also invited? Do you mind going to the wedding with me?
  3. Passenger : Is it allowed to bring a bird on the plane? Custom officer : I am sorry, that's not allowed. The underlined utterance expresses ...
  4. regret caution admiration permission prohobition
  5. Bill : Have you considered my offer to work for our company? George : Yes, 1 have, but I'd take the job if the salary suited me. From the dialogue we may conclude that George ...
  6. has accepted the job has worked for the company has not yet considered taking a job has refused to take the job has not heard about the job
  7. Mr. Bronto leaves Surabaya for Medan by G1A 707 at 9 a.m. By 11 a.m he ... there.
  8. arrive arrived was arriving will arrive will have arrived
  9. Which one of these titles is the most suitable for the text above? (wacana 3)
  10. Objections to Taxes Why citizens are Taxed The Burden of Taxation Taxation is a Necessity Income Taxes
  11. The topic of paragraph 2 is ...
  12. the reasons of taxation the right of citizens the expenses of public duties the duties of a government the types of public services
  13. Why do the people have to pay incomes tax? Because ...
  14. they have to pay tax for the things they need they have to pay tax whether they are rich of poor the tax is needed to carry out the government's public duties they have to pay tax or the things they buy or sell they have to pay tax for the government benefit
  15. According to the text the following statements are true, except ...
  16. Everyone knows that taxation is necessary. The public must bear their shares of public expense. It is the government's duty to provide hospitals for the sick. The same amount of income tax is imposed on the rich and the poor. The taxpayers enjoy public services provided by. the government.
  17. Journalist : some of our forests in Kalimantan and Sumatra were destroyed in the forest fire. Official : It's a pity. The destruction of the rain forest could also bring about the extinction of orang utan! The underlined word means ...
  18. act of putting out act of preserving no longer in existence prevention of loss keep something for special purpose
  19. X : Do you think that the monetary crisis will console to an end? Y : ..., this condition won't be
  20. I am fed up with the news I am sorry to hear that It would be agreeable It's not my business It's very unlikely
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